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Cargo Handling

Air Terminal Services is responsible for all import, export and trans-shipment of cargo at Nadi International Airport. A 15,000 square foot modern freight terminal facility and a fully integrated material handling system is set aside to cope with the considerable volume of the nation's air cargo and mail which is processed daily.

Its facilities also boast the only 12 tonne weighbridge and ULD transfer vehicle in Fiji and probably the South Pacific. ATS acts as cargo agents for most of the major international carriers operating through Nadi Airport.

Our services include:
  • Receipt and dispatch of cargo including transhipment.
  • Preparation of waybill.
  • Cargo search.
  • Cargo bonding facilities.
Our cargo acceptance and delivery is a 24 hour service to clients. Given the strategic central location of Fiji in the south Pacific region, Nadi airport is the transit point for cargo destined for the smaller Pacific Island nations. This makes Nadi International Airport the Cargo Hub of the South Pacific island nations. ATS, as part of normal handling, provides 24 hour documentation and processing in accordance with local and international government regulations.

Mail services available through ATS include:
  • Post and Telecommunications authorized mail.
  • Courier Services mail.
  • Diplomatic satchels.
Security is a top priority for ATS Cargo. Strict security supervisions and standards are maintained in this handling area including a fully integrated 24-hour CCTV.

Ramp Handling

ATS also provides ramp-handling services for all international flights at Nadi airport. Our state of the art equipment is unmatched in the South Pacific. We have FMC main deck loaders, Trepel 7 tonne loaders with extension slave decks, B747 capable mobile steps, A320 and B737 capable Disabled passenger loader for wheelchair access at off aerobridge gates. 

These specialized equipment’s enable ATS to handle all types of aircraft including:
  • A380
  • B747
  • Freighters
  • Galaxy C-5
  • Private Aircrafts
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