About Us

About Us

Air Terminal Services (Fiji) Pte Limited was established on 1st of September 1981 after formally taking over from Qantas Airways Limited. Since then ATS (Fiji) Pte Ltd is owned by the Government of Fiji and its employees, each holding 51% and 49% shares respectively.

We provide total Ground Handling Services at Nadi International Airport. These include Line Maintenance, Catering and Cabin Services, Passenger Services, Ramp Services and Freight Sales & Handling Services.

The equity participation and employee participation in decision making in ATS (Fiji) Pte Ltd is a unique characteristic in the region and has also added a new direction to the Industrial Relations.

We are a customer focused organization and aspire to provide high level of personalized services, while maintaining an optimum level of quality. With exclusive working partners in major overseas locations, we are geared to programme individual import and export distribution to meet the specific needs of our clients in the international trade sector.

Our client confidentiality is paramount and always maintained.

Business Operations
Air Terminal Services (Fiji) PTE Ltd is the only ground handling company in Fiji that provides total ground handling services. We have contributed immensely to the development of the aviation industry in the past 25 years. The company is based at Nadi International Airport and its scope of activities includes the following:

In-Flight Catering Services 
Prepare and uplift meals on board customer airlines.
Cabin Services
Clean aircraft and replenish aircraft equipment, loading and unloading meals and provision equipment.
Cargo & Ramp Services 
Handle inbound and outbound cargo, baggage & mail.
Passenger Handling Services
Check-in and assist the traveling public and transiting passengers at the transit lounge. Also assist passengers whose baggage has been mishandled.

Aircraft Maintenance 

Provide line station and maintenance of aircraft types in accordance with statutory regulations of local and international authorities.

Cargo Sales

Act as a freight forwarding agent for all your Cargo needs.

Property & Maintenance

Maintain Company vehicles, equipment, machinery and property.

Administration & Finance

Provide human resources, industrial relations and financial services.

Information Technology

Link Company operations electronically and provide relevant information to Managers to make good economic decisions.

Quality Assurance

Assurance of quality company-wide and administering security for the organization.

Business Market

Major Airlines operating through Nadi utilize our services because of our knowledge in the specialized area of ground handling, years of experience in the industry and proven service quality.

Our major clients include:

  • Air New Zealand
  • Qantas
  • Jet Star
  • Virgin Australia
  • Solomon Airlines
  • Air Calin
  • Air Niugini
  • Fiji Airways

Non-scheduled airlines, freighters and military aircraft are also served by the Company on an ad-hoc basis. The Company has the resources, upgraded equipment, technology and well-trained staff to handle a number of freighters transiting and off-loading at Nadi International Airport.

The Company recognizes its role as a ground handler; hence it has aligned itself with the Tourism Industry in its efforts to attract more visitors and investors into Fiji. We understand that we are an integral part of the global economy and will definitely progress and develop with the global aviation industry.

We keep abreast with changes in technological equipment and resources to ensure that customer airline requirements are specifically met through these changes.

Employee Relations 
ATS considers employees as the 'heart and soul' of the company from its inception to the present as it is the employees who have contributed to its development and growth.

It believes in the framework of worker participation or industrial democracy. It is through this belief that ATS recognizes that progress is achieved through joint consultation and joint decision that protects the interest and job security of each employee and the company as a whole. This secured feeling provides the necessary leverage for better performance.

Community Responsibilities 
ATS is actively involved in the Nadi Bula Festival, Fiji Crippled Children Society, Nadi Hospital and has been sponsoring the Nadi Airport Golf Tournament. This year being our 25th anniversary, we are also assisting the Fiji Cancer Society in its efforts to create better facilities for cancer patients. The Company together with Federated Airline Staff Association had sponsored Nadi area secondary school students for education. A total of 24 scholarships have been provided every year to high school students in the Nadi District. The Company has been participating in careers expositions around the country that had been organized by the Ministry of Education.

We also have been partially sponsoring the Fiji tourism convention and the tourism exchange. Every year we had been hosting lunch for the Nadi Bula and Lautoka Sugar contestants. The organization has been providing lunch to the Lautoka Old People’s Home once a month since its inception in 1981.

While the above does not show increase in revenue immediately, these endeavours assist the Company during recruitment, resolution of problems faced by the organization and most importantly, assists in its survival through favourable government legislations and decisions.


Work Quality & Pricing 
The Company strives to maintain quality and competitive pricing to attract and maintain customers. Good human resource development measures have been adopted to cater for the exodus of skilled workers or ‘brain-drain’ and future demands.

Career Opportunities 
Air Terminal Services (Fiji) PTE Limited has a workforce of about 600 permanent employees from all works of life. Our employees are part of the organization and are well trained to achieve our strategic goals.

All staff vacancies are advertised through the Newspapers and all the related Information shall be available through our Website, under the Careers section on this web.

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