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Worker Participation

Our philosophy is based on the basic human need: the aspiration and the need to improve and advance our individual standard of living, whereby we are all given opportunities to self-determination "we create our own destiny".

Our philosophy is twofold:
  • SOUL = Industrial Democracy. Where power to make decisions in the interest of the Company is shared with the workers that is workers participate in making decisions on the daily operations of the Company.
  • BODY = The actual application and implementation of the concept, the Committee Machinery where Joint Committees are set up and staff nominated to sit on the panel.

Committee Participation

They participate in the following joint committees:
  1. Joint Operations Committee
  2. Roster Committee
  3. Staff Promotions & Transfer Committee
  4. Staff Selection & Appointment Committee
  5. Performance Appraisal Committee
  6. Disciplinary Inquiry Committee
  7. Committee of Review
  8. Retirement Committee
  9.  Board of Directors of the Company
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